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The 2019 summer schedule will be posted in December. All summer 2019 applications will open in January and close May 31st. Apply early to avoid a waiting list.

Our Summer Camp programs are entirely free of charge and open to children who have a diagnosis within the areas associated with our summer programs. For Transplant, Epilepsy, Cardiology, Sickle Cell/Hematology/Pain Management and Sibling sessions, campers must be 7-15 years old by the first day of the session. Campers for Solstice Camp must be 16 years old at the start of the session, or 17 years old during the entire session.

2018 Summer Camp Schedule

• June 18 – 23: Transplant (Michitanki) Camp
• June 28 – July 1: Solstice Camp (for campers aged 16 & 17 who have a diagnosis associated with one of our summer camp sessions)
• July 9 – 14: Cardiology Camp
• July 22 – 26: Epilepsy (Camp Discovery) Camp
• August 1 – 6: Sickle Cell/Hematology/Pain Management Camp
• August 13 – 18: Sibling Camp (for brothers and sisters of a North Star Reach camper)

Transplant Camp is for campers who have received a solid organ transplant.*

Solstice Camp is a week for campers ages 16 and 17 with a serious health challenge associated with one of our summer camp sessions. These health challenges include solid organ transplant, sickle cell/hematology/pain management, cardiology and epilepsy.

Cardiology Camp is for campers with congenital and acquired heart disease, transplantation and pre/post surgical repair.*

Epilepsy (Camp Discovery) Camp is for campers who have a diagnosis of epilepsy or a seizure disorder.

Sickle Cell/ Hematology/Pain Management Camp is for campers with hematologic diseases including sickle cell disease, bleeding disorders, anemias (blood cancers excluded). This week is also for campers with a diagnosis of chronic pain that is under the care of a pain management specialist.

Sibling Camp is a week for siblings ages 7 – 15 of campers who have attended a program in 2016, 2017 or who have applied to attend in 2018. Siblings attend camp without the camper with the medical diagnosis.

*Heart transplant campers may attend either Transplant Camp OR Cardiology Camp.

2018 Summer Applications Now Closed

If you have questions about our Summer Camp sessions, you can email

Unfortunately, North Star Reach may not be able to accommodate all who apply to camp. While we would love to be able to welcome everyone, we do have a limit to the available camper spots so first completed, first reserved. If a session is already full, your camper will be put on a waiting list once all forms are complete and you will be notified. You will be notified if a reservation becomes available. Notification can be as late as the first day of camp.

Medical Eligibility
The following are eligibility requirements for participation in a summer camp program:

  • Must have an eligible diagnosis.
  • Must be 7-15 years old (Solstice Camp is for 16 – 17 year olds).
  • Must be medically unable to attend a summer camp for healthy children.
  • Must be non-violent: not currently a danger to self or others.
  • Must be able to function and participate successfully in a group setting.

North Star Reach is an inclusive camp. We have resources to accommodate the needs of campers with serious health challenges, however, not all campers may be safe to attend a summer camp session. Campers who do not meet the following criteria will require a thorough medical review in order to assess each camper’s ability to have a safe, fun camp experience:

  • Bathroom independence.
  • Ability to communicate needs independently.
  • Have a minimum developmental age of 7 years old.

Please be advised that no child is guaranteed to be accepted to camp. Applications are reviewed and acceptance is based upon health care needs, space, and staffing ratios.

Note: No new applications can be started as of May 31, 2018.  

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