Apply to Family Camp

Aside from the fun, our Family Camp programs are designed to build relationships with and receive support from other families who understand what it means to raise children with serious health challenges.

During our Family Camps, we offer many activities similar to our summer camp programs, such as boating, arts and crafts, archery, evening campfires, morning hikes, and more. We purposefully plan these activities so that families can spend time together.

Our Family Camp programs are entirely free of charge and all “General Sessions” are open to families with a child who has any serious medical diagnosis. In addition, the medical diagnosis associated with each session places a focus on specific medical populations, allowing families to connect with others on a similar medical journey. To be eligible, the child who has a serious health challenge must  be 17 years old or younger–including infants. Families are eligible to attend one Family Camp per year. We welcome immediate family members who reside in the household caring for the child with the medical diagnosis.

We are disappointed to share the news that we have made the incredibly difficult decision to suspend North Star Reach’s 2020 spring, summer and fall onsite camp programs due to Covid-19. (For more information, please read this blog post with our official announcement.) While camp sessions will not be held in person, our team has created meaningful alternate programming to provide positive experiences for our campers and to help us stay connected during the pandemic.

Here is a review of our 2020 family camp schedule

2020 Family Camp-At-Home Schedule

Spring Family Camp-At-Home Schedule

  • April 24-26: General Session/Cardiology Family Camp
  • May 1-3: General Session/Neuro-Oncology & Palliative Care Family Camp

Fall Family Camp-At-Home Schedule

  • Sept. 25-27: Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan Family Camp
  • Oct. 2–4: General Session/Sickle Cell Family Camp
  • Oct. 16-18: General Session/Transplant Family Camp
  • Oct. 23–25: General Session/Epilepsy Family Camp

A Look at Family Camp Weekends 

Whether we gather together in person at camp or virtually, our family camp weekends are designed to create community and connection among families caring for a child with a serious health challenge. In the video below, you’ll hear how the camp experience makes a difference to our families.

 Things to Know About Our On-Site Programs

If you have questions about our Family Camp sessions, you can email for assistance.


For our family camp sessions, campers remain under the care of their parents or other legal guardian. Typically, two families will share a cabin with two bathrooms (2 toilets, 2 sinks and 2 fully accessible showers in each). Our cabins are purposefully built to house 16 people, so plenty of room for two or more families to share for a weekend. Each cabin has heating, air conditioning, electrical outlets and bunk-style beds.

Activity Level

The distance from the cabins to our waterfront is approximately a half mile. Participants should be aware on an average Saturday at Family Camp families may walk up to three miles going from cabin to meals to activities.


At North Star Reach, we strive in every way to create the safest environment possible for children with medically complex conditions and their families.  As such, we uphold the Center for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on immunization schedule.

  • We require participants under the age of 18 to be fully immunized, with the exception of Influenza and HPV vaccines, unless there is a physician’s medical reason not to immunize (documentation must be submitted).
  • We require participants over the age of 18 to have been vaccinated for chicken pox (varicella), measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), and tetanus and pertussis (Tdap).

When you log into our online application system (UltraCamp website), the form will have all the details of what immunization dates are needed.

Processing Your Application

After submitting your family’s application, your forms will be reviewed for completion. You will be contacted at a later date if information is needed to complete your application. Once all members’ applications are complete they will be reviewed by our review team and you will be notified of your enrollment status. Enrollment is based on completion date: first completed, first reserved.


Unfortunately, North Star Reach may not be able to accommodate all who apply to camp. While we would love to be able to welcome everyone, we do have a limit to the available accommodations for families so first completed, first reserved. If a session is already full and you apply, you will be notified you have been placed on a waiting list. If a reservation becomes available you will be notified.

Keep in mind that an application must be complete before it is reviewed by our review team.