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During a time when the isolation of illness has been made greater because of the pandemic, your support helps kids with serious illnesses and their families maintain vital connections and access wellness and community resources.

Please listen to a moving story from Amanda, a former camper who is now a dedicated program volunteer. As you’ll hear, the friendships she has made at camp have changed her life. In the same way donors like you gave generously so that she could go to camp, she is now donating her time as a program volunteer to help a younger generation of kids living with serious illnesses. “The kids at camp are the reason I am motivated,” she says.

“When I’m feeling down, I remember they feel the same way. If I’m able to help them, it makes me feel so much better.”

We depend on outside donations to provide life-changing camp experiences to our campers and their family members.

Keep in mind that new 2021 guidelines by The CARES Act has temporarily expanded the universal charitable deduction. This means taxpayers can more easily deduct gifts made to support charities like North Star Reach. Summary details are provided below; be sure to talk with your tax advisor for more information.

  • Donations made in 2021 by individuals are tax deductible up to $300 if they do not itemize and can be up to 100% of AGI if they do.
  • For Corporate donors, the deductible limit is now 25%, up from 10%.

 A gift of any size truly will make a difference. Thank you for your generosity!