“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
                                                                                                        – Gandhi

Volunteers help North Star Reach stretch every dollar to make the greatest impact on our campers and, in return, provide a positive outlet for the community to express care and support for our mission of serving children with serious health challenges and their families. Below you will also find information about our 2019 Seasonal Activity Specialist position (which is a three-month paid position during the summer season!).

Please choose an option below to learn more about ways you can get involved.

Our program team is looking for enthusiastic individuals who can live in and appreciate a rustic (OK, let’s be honest here, it’s semi-rustic: our camp is brand new), outdoor environment and be a positive adult role model for our campers and families.

Looking for a paid summer experience that is more than just a job? Then consider joining our program team as a Seasonal Activity Specialist (SAS)! The role of SAS is to lead and support engaging, fun activities (archery, swimming, nature…just to name a few!) with campers and staff. This is a three-month paid position. Lodging and meals provided while camp is in session. You will enjoy the “moose” wonderful summer ever! (Check back in early 2020 for more information about applying to become a SAS team member next summer.)

Camp docs and nurses provide medical support and supervision as well as Band-Aids and bug spray when needed. Volunteering to do your day or night job has never been this much fun. Of course, if you would rather take a break from stethoscopes and tongue depressors, please refer back to the big blue (not brown) Program Volunteers button up above.

Volunteers are what make North Star Reach events special. Throughout the year we host numerous events that help raise the money needed to provide children with serious health challenges and their families the opportunity to come to camp entirely cost-free. And by the way, our events-they ROCK, just like our volunteers.

Office work might seem boring, and, well, sometimes it is a bit, shall we say, tedious. The great thing is that you will be doing it in a camp office that is anything but. Behind the scenes is critical to our success and so is camp culture. What other office has moose living on top of bookshelves, mini-golf and unlimited supplies of M&Ms? Our camp office, of course. Just make sure to leave our database coordinator out of the shenanigans. She is very serious about the database or perhaps just more mature than the rest of us.

Do you find fundraising fun? If you’d like to host an event to support us, you just might become our favorite volunteer ever, or at least one of them. There are many things you can do to help keep camp cost-free. Raising money for kids with serious health challenges is amazingly rewarding and we can’t wait for you to join in the fun…draising!

If you need additional information or would like to speak with someone about volunteering, please email info@northstarreach.org or call (734) 680-8744.

Don’t see something that piques your interest above? Fill out our Contact Us form and let us know how you are interested in volunteering at North Star Reach so we can make your volunteer experience rewarding. Thank you and someone will get back to you very soon.