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Camp-At-Home Summer 2020

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Summer Camp-At-Home season. This year celebrates our fifth summer of providing life-changing camp programming to children with serious health challenges and their families.

The central gathering space for our Camp-At-Home season is a newly launched website. Above all, it has been designed to offer connectedness and community. Yes, you’ll enjoy camp traditions, singalongs, step-outside-your-comfort-zone adventures, entertaining events, and more. But our team has worked especially hard to create a place where camper families and our extended community can share, listen, make, and create together. A place where we’ll reach for the stars and remind ourselves that anything is possible.

Our season officially kicks off Tuesday evening with a live opening campfire on Zoom to begin Transplant (Camp Michitanki) Camp. We can’t wait to welcome our first-session campers.

We also have a terrific lineup of “general session” camp programming (no registration required) starting Wednesday, June 17, and running through August. So, whether you’re a camper family, volunteer, medical partner or supporter, you can stay connected to camp and our remarkable community all summer long. Welcome home!

Listen, Share, Stay Connected

More than anything, Mooseness is a feeling. Of community, connectedness, and belonging. Families caring for children with serious illnesses find Mooseness through the extraordinary experiences they enjoy when they come to North Star Reach.

During this time of the coronavirus crisis, we’re finding new spaces to gather together. Our new “Love the Moosenesss” podcast is one of those spaces. Here, on our talk show, we are engaging in important conversations that matter now more than ever to all caregivers, but especially to parents of children with serious health challenges. 

From finding medical supplies during the coronavirus crisis to building connections with others, “Love the Mooseness” explores topics important to parents and caregivers of children with serious illnesses. Listen below or click this link to see all episodes and subscribe to our series.

Listeners can also find new episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.

Our co-hosts have dedicated their lives to building meaningful communities that support families caring for children with serious and chronic illnesses.

Patrick Smith is a husband, dad (to Milo), and has spent his professional life as a camp director, creating adaptive and inclusive programs for children with cancer and other serious health challenges. Patrick is the Director of Camping at North Star Reach.




Mary Ann Fithian is a wife, mom (to Faith, a North Star Reach camper, and Will), community organizer and author. On her popular blog “MyFaithsJourney,” she writes, “We are in this entirely difficult position, we are definitely confined by the illness she has, and there are moments where it literally seems to control every area of our lives, but in no way, not even for a minute do we let it define who we are. She is not an illness. She’s not the sick kid.” Mary Ann is Director of Community Engagement & Human Resources at North Star Reach.

We hope you’ll listen and join our conversations. Along the way, you too will experience Mooseness. Trust us, you’ll know it when you feel it. Once you do, it’s yours to have and to hold wherever you go.