Looking ahead to 2024

As we approach the New Year, I want to express my gratitude to our many supporters across the Great Lakes Region.

Just recently, we experienced a highly successful Giving Tuesday, raising more than $11,000 and earning another $10,000 from an anonymous donor. Anonymous in name, but not in heart! Those of you on social media saw that campaign—as you have seen North Star Reach back on social media throughout the year—thanks to the creative volunteer efforts of Suzanne Morrison, Director of Marketing for Hatch Stamping, and Ashley and Kevin Anger of marketing communications firm Think Clutch. Many thanks to that team!

Year-end annual appeal letters are on their way to our generous donors and are already receiving responses. At the time of writing this update, we have received more than $800,000 in pledges and donations this year—a vote of confidence in the progress we have made in 2023. Your financial support allowed us to offer NSR experiences to more than 200 youth and families in 2023. (And volunteers! We love our volunteers!)

It also allows us to work toward 2024 goals and fundraising with plans to provide camping experiences for up to 600 campers and camper families! We are grateful for this year’s vote of confidence and ask others to collaborate with us during 2024 as we implement a five-year strategic plan!

I am personally grateful to the NSR Board of Directors who rallied in support of the children we serve through NSR. All Board members have made personal financial donations, engaged in fundraising activities, and have donated hundreds of volunteer hours guiding the evolution of this unique organization and regional asset.

This update marks my last as Chair of the Board of Directors. I will continue serving on the Board of this organization and mission that I love, and I am thrilled to turn over the Chair position to Sheri Mark.

Sheri was a member of the original leadership that raised more than $20 million that built North Star Reach and offered its first year of transformational experiences to so many excited children in 2016. She agreed to rejoin the cause and works fervently and passionately for the mission and future of North Star Reach.

Finally, I am grateful for staff leadership provided by long-term veterans Patrick “Love the Mooseness” Smith, our Chief Program Officer, and Jeff Boots, our Facility Director, who both work tirelessly in support of the camp they both love. They, and the Board, have been supported by an experienced executive, our Interim CEO, David Leckey.

Best Wishes,

Matthew Denenberg
Chair – North Star Reach