Treehouse TV Debut

North Star Reach was featured nationally when the DIY Network aired its newest episode of “The Treehouse Guys,” the show featuring a talented crew (including former Ann Arborite James “B’fer” Roth) that travels the country to create amazing custom treehouses. The episode will air again on Friday, November 12 at 1 pm. More episode information on the DIY Network website.

To read more about the filming that took place at camp last Fall, including a starring role from one of our 14-year-old campers, Dominic, see the Livingston Daily article.

Leading the treehouse design for North Star Reach was camp architect Jan Culbertson, senior principal at Ann Arbor-based A3C, CEO Doug Armstrong and Camp Operations Director Patrick Smith. The team decided early on that camp would feature a fully accessible, quirky treehouse made from “found objects” built high in the treetops and overlooking Woodburn Lake. They wanted a kid-centric design that gave the impression campers had inventively cobbled together odd discoveries from their grandparent’s home or family’s garage to create it.

Here’s a look at campers enjoying the treehouse during our 2017 Transplant Week/Camp Michitanki session.

The DIY Network connection came through Culbertson, who knew Roth from his Ann Arbor days. The North Star Reach team submitted a proposal to “The Treehouse Guys” and it was accepted in 2015; episode planning began in early 2016. Construction on the treehouse, which cost roughly $200,000, started in August and was completed in early October.

Fun facts:

  • The nearly 1,800 square-foot deck is largest The Treehouse Guys have built.
  • Found objects include: Jeep parts (complete with working doors, door trim and a hood); dozens of donated license plates, snowboards, downhill skis and even a wooden snowshoe and several tennis racquets used to frame windows.
  • Beneath the treehouse, there is space and rigging for 16 hammocks for kids to relax.

Our sincerest thanks to Dance Marathon at The University of Michigan (DMUM) for its multi-year pledge of $500,000 in support of our new treehouse as well as camp construction and our camper programs.

Other significant supporters include: