A Very Sweet Donor Gift

Our campers enjoyed hundreds of Fudgsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and all sorts of cool treats during our summer season, thanks to a generous donation from Hatch Stamping Company. Along with supplying a season’s worth of ice cream treats, Hatch Stamping Company donated a new ice cream cart. Whether served from the classic push cart (above) or by our staff, during surprise delivery trips around camp on hot afternoons (below), the snacks were a big hit with campers.

The funds were raised by Hatch Stamping Company during its annual Honda Week of Service in June. This North America-wide effort of community-based activity brings together Honda associates, dealers and suppliers like Hatch Stamping Company to help those in need. Our sincerest thanks to Hatch Stamping Company for the wonderful donation.

“At Hatch Stamping Company we make it important to involve our company and our employees in giving and being involved in our communities,” said Hatch Stamp Company President and COO Daniel Craig, who is also North Star Reach Board Treasurer. “We felt having ice cream in conjunction with camp was a great idea and a fun way to give back to the kids.”

“Learning more about what the camp has to offer to all these children–it was so inspiring to see everything that they provide for them,” added Danielle Bamm, a sales administrator at Hatch Stamping Company. “I was eager to do my part to support the cause.”

Be sure to check out the video below to hear more about our new ice cream cart and Hatch Stamping Company’s generous giving partnership with Honda.