Our Moose Herd is Growing, Thanks to You

Back in December, we asked our fans to “round up” the adorable stuffed moose on sale around town. We’re thrilled to announce that our huggable herd has grown to more than a dozen. Thank you, moose wranglers! Special thanks to one of our campers, Emily (pictured above with Patrick, our Camping Director), who recently delivered one of our newest herd members.

Despite adult supervision, a few moose escaped. Not the pair pictured here with Jackson–they, along with many others, are roaming the woods at camp. But another pair got loose during the busy holiday season. Here’s the story of their adventures, as witnessed by our own Teresa Breymaier. She swears she has not seen either moose since they disappeared heading west on I-94. However, in recent days, our facilities manager has reported moose sightings in the woods near the treehouse. We believe it’s just a matter of time before they are reunited with the rest of the herd on a clear, starry night.

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