Story Studio Gallery

Story Studio Gallery

Hello, campers, camper parents, volunteers and Audio Campfire listeners. Below you’ll find a gallery of audio stories recorded at Story Studio during the 2017 summer season. (Note: some recordings are not featured here, as they are saved exclusively for Moose, his friends and campers during camp sessions! Also, you may not hear the voice of every camper in each featured cabin.) We plan to add recordings from more recent camp sessions soon.

Also, be sure to tune into North Star Reach’s Audio Campfire channel on SoundCloud.

Transplant Camp | Cardiology Camp
Sickle Cell/Hematology/Pain Management CampSibling Camp

Cabin 1

Campers: David, Tyler, Ace, Keenan, Aditya, Mason, Kaiden, Gage, Ladon and Marshall

Cabin Leaders: Mike (“Coach”), David, Amy, Susanne and Kelly

Sounds of the Beasts

Cabin 2

Campers: Emily, Lucky, Avery, Nevaeh, Natlee, Marcie, Maria and Sofia

Cabin Leaders: Breanna, Paige, Beth, Brianne and Ami

How the Fairies Say…


Moose Goes to Pluto


Cabin 3

Campers: Riley, Antonio, Luke, Alex, Lucas, Brandon, Joshua, Jiri and Gavin

Cabin Leaders: Alex, Kerry, Jordan, Jane and Debbie

The North Star Reach Show (Cabin 3)


I Love the Nurses, I Love the Doctors (Cabin 3)

Cabin 5

Campers: Devin, Braedon, Zachary (Zac), Malcolm, Leroy, Mohamed, Shawn and Travis

Cabin Leaders: David, Cesante, Joshua, Jane and Albert

The Night with the Shady Boys

Cabin 6

Campers: Caroline, Ella, Katie, Izabel, Kaia, Havalah, Laila and Vega

Cabin Leaders: Kellie, Isida, Teri, Alexis and Sami

Essential Guide to North Star Reach (Cabin 6)


The Late Disney Girls United Show (Cabin 6)

Cabin 7

Campers: Mahdy, Devin, Terrien, Ahmed, Timothy and Mike

Cabin Leaders: Jake, Joshua, Jacob, Kayla and Allison

The Essential Joke Guide (Cabin 7)


Camp Michitanki Song (Cabin 7)


The Super Sonic Show 

Cabin 9

Campers: Gabriel, Ryan, Keith, Tyler, Deandre, Lereginald “Reggie”, Zyad and Jordan

Cabin Leaders: David, Paul, Katie and Lauren

The Paul George Show


Camp Michitanki Song (Cabin 9)

Cabin 10

Campers: Skye, Marisa, Zoey, Nasirah, Sydney, Lili, Kacy, Anna, Shelby and Acacia

Cabin Leaders: Bansry, Megan, Melissa, Elisa, Jennifer and Megan

We Love the Nurses, We Love the Doctors (Cabin 10)


Fairy Story (by Cabin 10, for Cabin 2)


Top Ten Talks Show (Cabin 10)




Cabin 1

Campers: Carter, Louis, Milo, Blaise, Cameron, Hunter and Zachary

Cabin Leaders: Tom, Torree, Mike and Neha

Favorite Camp Songs


Cabin 5

Campers: Nicholas, Ryan, Bryce, Elijah, Hayden, Thomas and Joel

Cabin Leaders: Christopher, Sam, Kellie and Sadie

The Harry Potter Show

Cabin 6

Campers: Kailey, Katherine, Laney, Madison, Madison, Olivia, Shefali and Shyann

Cabin Leaders: Lisa, Marissa, Ruth, Kayla and Sami

The Cardiology Camp Talk Show, Starring the Helping Hands


Cabin 7

Campers: Aiden, Alvis, Andrew, Bailey, Elijsh, Gareth, Jacob, Joshua, Lance an Roland

Cabin Leaders: Steven, Scott, Jason, Drew, Charles and Cara

Mambo No. 5, North Star Reach Edition Song (Cabin 7)

Cabin 8

Campers: Aditi, Eleanora, “Nora”, Emily, Katerina, Maria, Marissa and Mya

Cabin Leaders: Sara, Alexa, Reagan, Samantha and Irene

The Great Steve Late Night Show, Starring the Magicians

Cabin 10

Campers: Angelina, Mariel, Taryn, Destiny, Halle, Haylie and Olivia

Cabin Leaders: Nicole, Melissa, Cristina, Emma, and Tara

The Heavenly Tonight Show




Cabin 5

Campers: Cortez, Elijah, Amarrin, Jalan, Diego, Khalib, Derrick and Labruan

Cabin Leaders: Cash, Joe, Jacob and Katherine

(Cabin photo not available.)

The Late Night Talk Show, Starring the Blue Lions

Cabin 7

Campers: Kobe, Michael, Jaivon, Marquis, Chidiebere, Jahrel, Christian, Antoine and Beniyah

Cabin Leaders: Mike, Ali and Tim

The Late Night “Knittle” Show


Cabin 8

Campers: Zoe, Shariel, Chloe, Nyla, Kimora, Dasarae, Jayla, Jasmine and Talina

Cabin Leaders: Sam, Marshell, Victoria, Katie and Iffa

The Camp Talk Show, Starring the Hype Squad

Cabin 9

Campers: Nadir, Tyrone, Ola, Daunte, Marshall, Dwayne and Armon

Cabin Leaders: Kojo, Tim and David

Beats (Sample)




Cabin 7

Campers: Chase, Dylan, Kenneth, Gabriel, Ty and Cohen

Cabin Leaders: Michael, Ken, Sara and Kira

The Late Night Fire Show

Cabin 10

Campers: Lily, Holly, Maycie, Ahlayna, Alexandria, Isabela, Lisa and Grace

Cabin Leaders: Bridget, Molly, Victoria and Katie

The Late Night Camper-Flauge 10 Show

Cabin 11

Campers: Travis, Brandon, Aidan, Damon, Austin, Cameron and Cheva

Cabin Leaders: Ben, Michael, Brittany and Mamtha

The Late Night Krusty-Krab Show

Cabin 12

Campers: Kamryn, Hope, Jasminah, Kamryn, Morgan and Zoe

Cabin Leaders: Tori, Kayden, Allison and Aimee

The Late Night Camp Show, Starring the Cheetah Sisters